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steak and bj day
The History

Many people have laid claim to being the original fouder of Steak and Blowjob Day. I first heard of it back in 2002 when a co-worker at the time (hi Michelle!) told me the story. She had been visiting a friend out in Boston and heard this radio show talking about Steak and BJ Day. A couple of searches later, and sure enough, I found Birdsey's website on FNX Radio with cards, some contest or other, etc.

I liked the idea of the holiday so much that I decided to help in the best way I knew possible (without having to actually put a lot of effort into it), I built this website. In the first month I got a grand total of 1 visit, but it was a start. In March of '03 I got 15,000 visitors. The site is now getting about 750000 visitors a year.

Since then I have been contacted by several people claiming to be the original founders, and many more claiming that it is March 20th, not March 14th. When I originally created this site, it was based off of Tom Birdsey's radio contest / show, which was for March 14th. I have stuck with this date for many reasons, but primarily because if it is to be the male equivalent to Valentine's Day, then it sounds better if the date is based off of V-Day.